UK army mulls proposal for fresh all-Sikh regiments
If the proposal goes through, it could be a somewhat rueful time for the Indian Army, which would lose some of its best potential jawans and officers to more lucrative and beneficent foreign shores
BEL-Rolta, L&T-Tata Power to develop battle field management systems
BEL and Rolta are already working on battlefield management systems and have also delivered cutting edge command, control, intelligence, and surveillance and reconnaissance systems, to Indian armed forces
Morgan Stanley reaches $2.6-bn settlement with US govt over mortgages
The settlement will cut the bank's 2014 profit by almost a half as legal reserves will be increased to $2.8 billion, reducing its income from continuing operations by $2.7 billion
Europol busts cyber crime ring that hacked 3 mn computers
The operation involved investigators from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom - who led the operation - along with leading IT corportions
US-Israel rift widens as Iran nuclear talks enter last lap
As nuclear talks between six major powers and Iran edge towards a possible resolution, tension has increased between the US and Israel, which accused negotiators of having "given up" on prevention of an Iranian nuclear weapons programme
Railway budget promises a better deal for the customer
The railway budget will address the major issues of 'speed, safety, security and satisfaction of rail users'
  The Intersection of Three Crises
  Within the past two weeks, a cease-fire roadmap was agreed upon in Minsk, a temporary deal to keep Greece in the eurozone was reached in Brussels, and US and Iranian negotiators advanced a potential nuclear deal in Geneva. Understanding how these crises are linked is the first step toward assessing when and where the next flare-up is likely to occur, says Stratfor analyst Reva Bhalla.
  IAS memories: Voting day tamashas
  Retired IAS officer Vivek Agnihotri, a former secretary to government of India, and secretary-general, Rajya Sabha, recalls voting day malpractices before EVMs were introduced
  In defence of Duryodhana
  V Raghunathan, CEO of GMR Varalakshmi Foundation, and former IIM-Ahemedabad profesor of finance, has authored several books. In this interview, with Swetha Amit he talks about his advocacy for the mythological character of Duryodhana, in the Mahabhrat what constitutes evil in this world and his upcoming book
  175 grams: the disc that broke barriers
  Former Jaguar Land Rover and Ford Motor executive Aravind Iyer, director of the Sundance film festival award winner 175 grams and Ram Kumar founder and coach  of Fly!Wild talk to Swetha Amit about the emergence of ultimate frisbee as a popular sport
  Indian laws only discipline citizens, protect government, say RTS activists
  Though RTI is now well-known, very few know about a law called Right To Services Act – neither bureaucrats nor the public know much about it - says Shailesh Gandhi, RTI activist and former Information Commissioner of Maharashtra
  What was it worth? Assessing the value of Obama's India visit
  Normally, the visit of a high-powered foreign dignitary is the occasion for a lot of announcements about partnerships and projects. This trip was no exception. But while such statements are often forgotten, this time there was evidence that the Obama visit had pushed the government to quick action on various fronts. Republished with permission of Knowledge@Wharton
  India-US nuclear deal: big hype, big hoax
  In the guise of admitting India into the exclusive nuclear club, the US is merely seeking business for its out-of-demand nuclear supply industry - and a short-sighted Indian government is all too ready to cooperate, says C K Unnikrishnan
  Delhi elections: the fourth contestant in a three-way fight
  The electoral fight for the Delhi Assembly has acquired the image of contemporary history's Battle of Plassey, writes senior journalist and political commentator Kumar Ketkar
  The legend of Amrapali: a tale of love, destruction and renunciation
  Anurag Anand, a senior manager at Coca Cola India talks to Swetha Amit about his new book based on the story of royal courtesan 'Amrapali', believed to have lived in Vaishli around 500 BC
  Estimated social cost of climate change not accurate, Stanford scientists say
  The social cost of carbon dioxide emissions may not be $37 per ton, as estimated by a recent US government study, but $220 per ton
  Super Mario strikes, finally
  It took him several years to convince the Germans, but Mario Draghi has finally committed the ECB to full blown quantitative easing. Though it's late, the flood of additional liquidity should benefit Europe. By Vivek Sharma
  An oil price rebound? Not so fast
  The real reason for the oil price collapse is probably that the market has now realised that prices were previously propped up on premises that are less valid now. When majority of the market participants accepted that, prices had only one way to go - down. By Shivshanker Verma
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