Solar-powered plane breaks solo flight record
The solar-powered aircraft flying from Japan to Hawaii, on a 120-hour non-stop flight, has already beaten the record for the longest solo flight
Ford recalls 433,000 of its newest cars and sport utilities
About 375,000 of the recalled vehicles are in the US while Canada and Mexico account for the remaining
Airbus, Mahindra team up to build military helicopters in India
The joint venture will act as the prime suppler of reconnaissance and surveillance helicopters, naval utility helicopters and naval multirole helicopters
BP agrees to record $18.7 billion settlement over Gulf of Mexico oil spill
The $18.7 bn deal would meet damage claims of the federal government, the states of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas, as also over 400 local government entities along the coast
Use of smart phones and devices could lead to 'digital amnesia'
While connected devices have enriched users' lives, they have also given rise to digital amnesia by fashioning the way people remembered and how they protected their memories
Govt to roll out cash transfer of food subsidies from Sept
Under the direct transfer programme, each family will be entitled to a monthly subsidy of about Rs500-700, which would be linked to a state-set procurement price of foodgrains
India's marine product exports fetch a record $5.5 bn in FY15
Unit value realisation, however, decreased to $10.38 per kg from 10.65 per kg in 2013-14 - a negative growth of 2.59 per cent
Union Budget: 2015-16
Economic Survey : 2014-15

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  World entering 6th mass extinction
  We are now entering the sixth great mass extinction, warn researchers and call for urgent action to conserve threatened species, populations and habitats, but warn that the window of opportunity is rapidly closing
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